Tanaka Face Massage Part 1 (English)

Tanaka Face Massage Part 1 (English)

READ ME 🙂 Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How often should this massage be done?
A: It can be done safely every day. If you wake up with a puffy face, then this is a great time to do the massage to remove the puffy look.
Q: Is this safe on young people?
A: Yes. This does not change your face structure or remove fat. This is for healthy circulation and reducing a puffy face. Often a naturally round or plump face looks fat due to extra water. This massage will remove that, thus it is safe for any age.
Q: How long should the massage be done?
A: Please watch all the massage parts for instruction. When you get the technique learned, generally the massage only takes about 3-5 minutes. You can treat yourself to a long massage of 10-20 minutes if you want, but this is not recommended for those who have acne.
Q: What type of massage cream should I use?
A: Use a natural cream or oil that does not absorb into the skin quickly. A plain oil like sweet almond oil or coconut oil have enough “slip” to last through the massage and prevent any friction.

Japanese beauty expert, Yukuko Tanaka, presents her anti-aging, face contouring massage. This is an excellent routine to add to your skin care regimen, and will reduce wrinkles, prevent sagging skin, improve sagging skin, improve puffy eyes and under-eye bags, and more.

English subtitles and English voice-over. 4 Parts Total. This is Part 1.

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