How to Make Your Eyes Symmetrical | Use Non-Dominant Eye & Eye Squat (Wink!)

How to Make Your Eyes Symmetrical | Use Non-Dominant Eye & Eye Squat (Wink!)

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Are you concerned about uneven eyes like one is bigger than the other, eye brow is upper than the other or one is double lid and the other is mono lid? Welcome to my symmetrical face course.
Today, I would like to talk about how to make your eyes symmetrical looking.
First of all, all the body areas are connected, so even eye asymmetry is related to your body’s overall posture and asymmetrical bad habits. Good posture and symmetrical behavior are very important to any asymmetry in your face and body.
I have done video about bad habits that contribute to asymmetrical face before. If you haven’t watched it, check the link in the description below.
That being said, let’s work on specifically asymmetrical eyes.
First, let’s find out which eye is dominant. Eyes are same as hands. As you are right or left handed, your either eye is dominant.
Point your finger at a distant object. Close one eye, then switch and close the other eye. Your finger should appear to move off or away from the object when one eye is closed. If the finger stays at the object, that’s your dominant eye. If it moves aways from the point, that’s non-dominant eye.
So now you know which one your dominant eye. Most of the people have dominance in the right eye and I do too.
One major reason that you have asymmetrical eyes is because your dominant eye is working so hard and developing more muscles than the other non-dominant eye.
Therefore if you train non-dominant eye and develop equal muscles as the dominant eye area, then you get more symmetrical eyes.
Cover or close your non-dominant eye, and look at phone or something as much as possible. That’s it! I know you guys use your phone a lot of hours, so if you can just do this once a day while looking at the screen, that’s great enough.
Another exercise you can do is eye Squat.
I call it eye squat, because unless you consciously do, you don’t do this in regular behavior. Just wink your eyes repeatedly, but one eye should be more easy to do and the other less easy, right? If so, try to do the less easy side tighter and longer. The goal here is feel the both sides equally. Don’t do too hard enough to make wrinkles. Just winking lightly is good enough.
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