64 Year Old Beauty Who Looks Like Her Peers' Granddaughter Reveals Her Shocking Anti-aging Secrets!

64 Year Old Beauty Who Looks Like Her Peers' Granddaughter Reveals Her Shocking Anti-aging Secrets!

Angie Chiu is a famous “ageless goddess” in the entertainment circle. Although she is already 64, she looks at least 20 years
younger than her peers! Recently someone revealed a photograph
showing Angie Chiu visiting a nursing home. She wears a white dress exposing a pair of beautiful legs. 60-year old Angie Chiu
standing among elderly women doesn’t at all appear old. She looks more like their granddaughter! How many people out there
wish to be like Angie Chiu, growing old slowly and gracefully?

Angie Chiu played the starring actress in the popular TV drama series, “The legend of White Snake” (1992-93). This is perhaps one
of her most classic roles that captivated many audience. No one else is able to surpass her after so many years in maintaining her look. Her charming smile at that time captured the hearts of many men. Now, after 26 years, Angie Chiu has already got 3 children. But all the years did not leave too many marks on her face.

Although many people say actresses often rely on cosmetic surgery to improve their looks, but the faces of those who undergo such treatment appear stiff and unnatural when they grow old. Angie Chiu’s beauty doesn’t depend on cosmetic surgery but rather through meticulous health care. Do you wish to be like this ageless goddess” — growing old slowly and gracefully? Let’s see her age-freezing secrets!

1. Eat more vegetarian food
Angie Chiu admits she is a vegetarian and her enduring excellent health-care is closely related to her long term vegetarian diet. When asked by reporters, she said: “I feel that one’s diet is very important, what we eat need to be balanced and we should eat more vegetables and fruits. Vegetarian diet is healthy. If we are
healthy, we can live happily.” Vegetarian diet can reduce the ingestion of animal based toxic substance and helps slow down ageing.

2. Drink more soup
Angie Chiu once said: “I prefer living at home and doing my physical exercise at home. Besides, for me every meal must include a soup.” She drinks soup in every meal. A lot of people think that soup must be boiled with meat to be delicious.
Actually vegetarian soup can be very tasty and nourishing. Beans, corn, mushrooms, lotus roots, seaweeds, tomatoes, carrots can replace meat and bones to maintain good taste and nourishment.

Drinking soup is a healthy dietary habit. In our daily meals, drinking soup can assist our bodies to assimilate food nutrients more
efficiently thereby achieving strengthening of our bodies. Slow fire cooking of soup ingredients can enable the nutrients to be
dissolved in the soup easily, thereby making it easy for our bodies to assimilate and obtain nourishment.

3. Regular physical exercise
Angie Chiu obviously has her own set of body exercise. She says: “Every week I do 3 – 4 times of aerobic exercise, frequently doing it
while watching news, so I do not feel troublesome.” She also goes for swimming accompanied by her children, using them as
stimulant for her exercise.

4. Maintain cheerful mood
Seeing Angie Chiu’s excellent form, reporters once asked her for her “beauty secret recipe”. She replied that she did not have any special secrets, only good dietary and life habits, besides
maintaining cheerful mood. This can in turn bring glow and lustre to the skin.

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